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En Foco, Inc. features fine art and documentary photographers of color in the Nueva Luz Vol. 23.2 Fashion Issue.

TIS THE SEASON! SoHarlem & En Foco Celebrate the Holidays and Launch of the Nueva Luz Fashion Issue

The phenomenon of fashion is fascinating in its ubiquity and complexity. Individuals develop an intimate relationship with clothes, and many construct and express their identities through their appearance. Additionally, sartorial expressions can serve to align with certain groups or assert one’s difference. Fashion is also performative, a spectacle. These multiple facets make fashion a rich topic for photography. This issue of Nueva Luz will explore the multiple ways in which we communicate, produce, consume and experience fashion.

Curated by Tanya Melendez, the Senior Curator of Education and Public Programs at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Photographers: Sharry-Lynn Daniels, Jamel Shabazz, Ruben Ramirez, Ricardo E. Zulueta, Nyasia Sylvester, Kay Hickman, Kasey Rodriguez, Richard Louissaint, Esteban Abdala Torres Campo, Roselyn Grullon, Xavier Robles Armas, Vickey Charles, Young Sohn, Imani Schectman, Margeaux Lau, Dondre Stuetley, Bella Maria Varela, April Pabon, Lelanie Foster, Ceres Henry, Tanya Melendez-Escalante (Curator), Michelle McVicker (Essayist)

Launched in 1985, Nueva Luz is an ongoing art publication that addresses social and cultural issues at the fore of photography,  with a particular emphasis on narratives from artists of color. From its inception, the publication’s mission was to advance the professional status of contemporary photographers of diverse backgrounds and cultures. Each issue contains images from important photographers and essays from writers, artists, and critics, serving as a record of cultural trailblazers who helped to establish a much-needed narrative about artists of color working in the discipline of photography.



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