The Critical Mass Newsletter is a unique repository of the socioeconomic, political, and cultural issues faced by artists of color. The newsletters originally highlighted artists of the time while offering commentary on the social and cultural issues faced by artists of color. 

This is especially relevant today, as contemporary artists of color are still facing many of the same challenges, including exclusionary systems that often limit access to funding, education, and professional development support.

En Foco has digitized the archive of past Critical Mass Newsletters with the support of the Leonion Foundation. Currently, the archive contains 79 issues in varying conditions. The development of the Critical Mass Archive is ongoing. 

Interview with Betty Wilde-Biasiny, one of the original editors of the Critical Mass Newsletters. Professor Wilde-Biasiny discusses the development, impact, and importance of the newsletters as a resource for artists.

Latino photographers have long had difficulty gaining access to many areas in photography. This newsletter, a publication of En Foco, inc., will address these problems by publishing information that had been much more readily available to those with academic, advertising, commercial or other mainstream connections. This newsletter will list national and international photography competitions, available grants, prizes, fellowships, teaching opportunities, and gallery and museum availabilities. Photography publications and magazines, both local and national, will also be listed. This newsletter will have a wide circulation among individual photographers, advertising agencies, stock houses, and galleries. As such it will be an important vehicle for the dissemination of important information about opportunities in photography for members of the Latino community. In this manner we hope to encourage a far greater latino participation in all areas of the field of photography than had hitherto be possible.