We’ve invited photographers Kayla LimNik AntonioMonique Islam, Kasey-Lynn RodriguezGioncarlo ValentineCourtney GarvinPatricia Ellah,  Elias RischmauiArgenis Apolinario, and Sandra Ayala to participate in the forum, share their experiences, and offer their truths about navigating the pandemic. Their personal narratives cover a range of experiences and begin to elaborate on the reality of life in the age of the coronavirus. Click here to view

The En Foco 2020 Photography Fellowship Exhibition: Your Reflection, This Memory features the works of Akshay BhoanJohnnie ChatmanOdette Chavez-MayoLuis DiazRoberta Dorsett & Clarissa Aponte (Collaborators), Jon HenryAntonio JohnsonRahul MajumdarJosefina Moran, and Betty Yu, and is curated by Julia Mata. The exhibition was originally scheduled to be held at BronxArtSpace, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, was transitioned to an online exhibition. Click here to view

Changing Landscapes, features photographs by Adela Hurtado, Anders Jones, Ignacio Soltero, and Cindy Trinh. As the title suggests, the exhibition zooms in on a diverse array of landscapes: some are literal and embedded with rich histories and memories, while others are made out of the people that inhabit them, their resilience, and everyday lives. Click here to view.

Surreal Histories features the fantastical storytelling photography of Sandra Ayala, Jeremy Dennis, and Kay Hickman.  With history as a precursor, these works feel timeless yet timely, identifying unique narratives that speak of the Native American, African American, and Latinx experiences of “America.” Click here to view

Dos Mundos: (Re)constructing Narratives

Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art at SUNY New Paltz (Aug 26-Dec 13, 2020)
SUNY Fredonia (Jan 19-Feb 28, 2021)
SUNY Binghamton (March-May 2021)
SUNY Stony Brook (July-Oct 2021)

Dos Mundos: (Re)constructing Narratives will explore the contemporary duality of traditions and culture in immigrant and ethnic communities, revisiting the challenges of systemic exclusion from the mainstream that artists of color faced then and continue to face today. The selected works will share the artists’ personal histories and explore similar issues of struggle, displacement, migration and representation through photography. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Dos Mundos: RN is organized by independent curators Juanita Lanzo, formerly of the Longwood Arts Project and Stephanie Lindquist, formerly of BronxArtSpace. Selected works from En Foco Fellows include Aaron Turner (2019), Damarys Alverez (2018), Yu-Chen Chiu (2018), Daesha Devon Harris (2017), Cinthya Santos Briones (2017), and Erika Morillo (2017), Anthony Hamboussi (2016), Tau Battice (2018), Roger Richardson (2019), Laylah Amattullah Barrayn (2018), Danny Ramon Peralta (2016), and Antonio Pulgarin (2018).