© Alejandro Duran, Brotes, Washed Up series
© Priya Kambli, Aaji, Color Falls Down series
© Christine Nguyen

New Works #15 at CEPA Gallery

July 9–August 18, 2012
CEPA Gallery
617 Main Street, Suite 201
Buffalo, NY 142037

ArtistsAlejandro DuránPriya Kambli • Adam AmengualChristine NguyenBrenda Perry Herrera

En Foco’s New Works Photography Awards is an annual fellowship program selecting U.S. based photographers of Latino, African, and Asian heritage, and Native Peoples of the Americas and the Pacific through a free and open call for submissions. Acting as a creative incubator, it enables artist to create or complete an in-depth photographic series exploring themes of their choice, while providing an honoraria and infrastructure for a professional exhibition in New York.

CEPAs mission is to present contemporary photo-related art, to support working artists, and to promote a greater understanding of photography and its associated aesthetic and cultural issues.

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