Kiriko Shirobayashi Lines America/2747 Miles

Kiriko Shirobayashi Lines America/2747 Miles

Kiriko Shirobayashi, untitled #5, Lines America/2747 Miles series, 2005

Kiriko Shirobayashi: Lines America/2747 Miles

March 1 — April 3, 2006

North Fork Bank – Wakefield Branch
4201 White Plains Road
Bronx, NY 10466 

In the series, Shirobayashi presents landscapes captured during her travels across all fifty states. With a minimalistic approach, she attempts to show the viewer how everything interconnects in some way through a single line, such as the horizon line or the outline of a hill. She states: “the line where I am standing now is connecting to other events that exist on the same time line.” The idea of connectivity and that there happens to be no starting or ending point fascinates her. Curated by: Marisol Dìaz and Orlando Ramos.