En Foco‘s first “Photographers Town Hall and Networking Meeting” hosted at Longwood Art Gallery at Hostos, February 2nd, 2017. Coverage courtesy of BronxNet Community Television. 


Melanie Gonzalez’s series, Discount Saints, is a constructed form of photography with a clear purpose to depict 21th century Bronxites as Saints that challenges the perception and the mindset of stereotypes and expectations of what a Saint or a Bronx resident is expected to resemble.


Abigail Montes’ series, My Beloved Bronx, serves as homage to the people and the organizations that live in the Bronx. A positive human outlook of her community as she laments the plight from the ‘70s and ‘80s.


Osjua A. Newton’s series, Broken Joes, uses G.I Joe broken dolls with missing limbs as a metaphor to have a dialogue on veterans conditions and their plight returning back from service, some physically different. Others uncared for or forgotten similar to the toys parts he has salvaged.


Gloria Zapata’s series, Dance of Heart, was inspired by her grandmother who a passed away from cancer. For Zapata, this project is not only promoting awareness of several illnesses that affects many but it’s also a process of deep and personal self-healing.