Celebrating New Works #15

"The artists selected for the En Foco Awards––Priya Kambli, Alejandro Durán, Brenda Perry, Adam Amengual, and Christine Nguyen––each employ contemporary strategies to further their ideas and concerns. Their methodologies include repurposed imagery, commercially inspired studio techniques, and site-specific installations constructed solely for the camera. Alluring and thought-provoking, their images beckon us with pure visual appeal, then seductively engage us in sober conversation concerning issues of identity, rehabilitation, environmental awareness, and ruthless assassination. Their projects come from introspection and empathy, from practices steeped in life experience and a keen appreciation of the human condition. In them, we recognize universal themes and familiar stories, invigorated and informed with new faces, new vocabularies and new histories." Juror Michael Mazzeo, New Works #15

Congrats: En Foco’s Artists Bring Home the Awards!

Nueva Luz artist Sama Alshaibi, an Assistant Professor of Photography at University of Arizona, School of Art, Tuscon, is awarded a 2008 Honorable Mention for Excellence In Photographic Teaching from Center. New Works #11 artist Charlie Grosso,  wins the Px3 (Prix de la Photographie Paris) 2008 Public Choice Award for Documentary Photography. She is also … Continue reading Congrats: En Foco’s Artists Bring Home the Awards!