About the Image: Sama Alshaibi

"When you belong to a people without a home, or a home that you are not allowed to reside in, your home is an idea. The hat, and the photographs, serve as a temporal and yet temporary memorial, a makeshift memorial that can be transferred, reshaped, reconstructed and re-imagined in its memory of those exiles who are in a continual state of temporary until they are allowed back to their homes in Palestine." -- Sama Alshaibi

Member Highlight: Sandra Chen Weinstein

Sandra Chen Weinstein has always been interested in foreign affairs and the international community since college. She worked for an American agency and lived in many countries before discovering her newfound passion for photography in 2006. Her second visit to the Holy Land was with Olive Tree Initiative delegation, academic scholars and business ventures, all interested in opening peaceful dialogues and resolution. After meeting with both Israeli and Palestinian officials to begin understanding critical issues in such a short trip, she travelled back to Israel and continued to document the life around The Wall.