Poetic Visions: George Malave and José Angel Figueroa’s Collaborative Project

With twenty-six photographers and poets plus six years of working closely together, photographer George Malave and poet and educator José Angel Figueroa are heading towards the culmination of their book project, Poetic Visions: Contemporary Latino Words and Images. JOIN THEM this Thursday, February 9 from 6-8pm, at Hunter College for a forum titled Migratory Dreams, sponsored by the Center for Puerto Rican Studies.

Print Program Highlight: Adál’s Memorias Olividadas

Adál’s work has not only allowed for his own voice to be heard, but has allowed for other voices to become accessible as well. In an art world that has historically been dominated by a colonial force, artists like Adál are crucial in order to begin breaking down institutionalized colonialization that is so prevalent in today’s art world.