About the Image: David Gonzalez

To me, this image speaks of a lot of things, especially given what was happening in the Bronx at the time. Here we have a couple, dressed to the nines, dancing in the streets when the outside world saw the South Bronx as irredeemable. Yet there, embracing and dancing to the soundtrack of an unseen band, they remind us...

Artist Interview Series: Sonia Louise Davis

Sonia Louise Davis speaks about her series tracing(s) belonging(s) on the same Harlem streets that inspired her photographs in the latest installment of our Artist Interview Series.

Artist Interview Series: Jaime Permuth

“Yonkeros is a lyrical exploration of first world consumerism, waste, and obsolescence as it intersects with third world ingenuity and survivalist strategies in the no–man’s–land.” Jaime Permuth speaks eloquently about his series Yonkeros in the latest installment of our Artist Interview Series.  The interview took place at  Pregones Theater in the Bronx, where his work … Continue reading Artist Interview Series: Jaime Permuth