Picturing Diversity: I Am Stereotype (part 2b)

Is this a critique of minority collectivism? Is the black athlete an individualist? Or is the photograph commenting on how much hope the community deposits on its young, to the degree of blinding itself to everything else?

Picturing Diversity: I Am Stereotype (part 2a)

As stated in part one of this essay series, Picturing Diversity, in democracy, we are all unique in our difference and, also, that we are all actors. People of color have an added advantage here. Or perhaps it is a handicap. For not only are its members unique but they are trapped in that uniqueness. Normal means to be like everyone else, which implies that one thing minorities can never be, is normal.

Print Program Highlight: Adál’s Memorias Olividadas

Adál’s work has not only allowed for his own voice to be heard, but has allowed for other voices to become accessible as well. In an art world that has historically been dominated by a colonial force, artists like Adál are crucial in order to begin breaking down institutionalized colonialization that is so prevalent in today’s art world.