Sandra Ayala

In 2008, Sandra Ayala was working a very stressful nursing job that was adding overwhelming anxiety to her life. While watching tv one day she came across a nikon d90 commercial featuring Ashton Kutcher and so it began. Sandra jokingly asked her husband to get it as a Christmas gift and when he did a new story began. It was an instant connection and she craved that creative part of her that wanted to manifest. Constructing one of a kind stories became her style, her mind soared and these scenes would appear bathed in highly saturated colors, tones and textures. Sandra was born and raised in the South Bronx to Puerto Rican parents. She is self-taught and continues to acquire knowledge by practicing her art as often as possible. Her work has shown at Rush Art Gallery, as part of the the Armory Show at the Bronx Museum for the Arts and at the Edgar Allan Poe visitors center to name a few. 

Exhibited Works

Artist Statement
I am a self-taught visual artist/photographer born and raised in the South Bronx. was motivated to create stories residing in her imagination while in search of a decompression tool from everyday life. Self-portraiture allowed Sandra to practice her technique with her camera and Photoshop.  Storytelling  By using familiar subjects to create one of a kind fine art portraits Sandra is able to capture the viewer’s attention and bring forth emotions and visions from within her head onto a canvas.

Featured Exhibitions