Nueva Luz Issue 27.1 – Fellowship Issue


En Foco is pleased to announce Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz as curator of the Fellowship issue of Nueva Luz and an accompanying exhibition. Now in its thirty-eighth year, the journal features the work of ten early-career photographers of color selected to receive the En Foco Photography Fellowship. The issue will also include an essay by photographer and writer Laylah Amatullah Barrayn entitled, “Reimagining Purpose and Legacy Through Movement.” 

The 2023 En Foco Photography Fellowship awardees include Ángel Añazco, Tanya Bindra, Samantha Box, Ryan Frigillana, Pratya Jankong, Thalia Juárez, Ashley McLean, Eduardo L Rivera, Mateo Ruiz Gonzalez, and Ana Vallejo.

As Raimundi-Ortiz writes in her curatorial statement: “What struck me immediately across the selections I viewed during my studio visits with each of the artists was a sense of lift—elevation—to be more precise. While many of the subjects are captured within hostile architecture and landscapes, the level of reverence for the sitters is palpable through the lens. These are real people living real lives, attempting a semblance of normalcy within the harsh lighting in a crab processing plant, having una cerveza fria (a cold beer) in a humble watering hole in a Southwestern community, or the familiarity of densely crowded neighborhoods. We know these places, spaces, and faces. Our individual lived experiences when applied to viewing this work pierces the veil and stretches us past the frame.”