Nueva Luz Vol 24 Issue 2

Nueva Luz 24.2

Since the 1960s, “multiculturalism” has attempted to be defined by manifold studies in fields ranging from education, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and even business disciplines like management and marketing. Despite its intellectual (re)emergence in the wake of the Civil Rights era gains and a wave of new immigrants from Latin America and the Caribbean, we must continually acknowledge that the framework for multiculturalism has been specific to the Black experience since day one of the forced migration of Africans.

Nueva Luz 24.2 is a special issue that complements the current traveling and virtual exhibit Dos Mundos: (Re)constructing Narratives. Featured En Foco fellows include Cinthya Santos Briones, Danny Peralta, Damarys Alvarez, Aaron Turner, Antonio Pulgarin, Tau Battice, Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Erika Morillo, Daesha Harris, Roger Richardson, Yu-Chen Chiu, and Anthony Hamboussi.