Nueva Luz Vol 17 Issue 1
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Baldomero Fernandez, Alex Leme, and Thomas Holton.

Charles Guice and Seis Del Sur

Baldomero Fernandez Artist Statement
In an increasingly homogenized landscape it is these ‘artifacts’ that remind us of the America in old postcards.

There is a quiet eeriness in the compositions that make us believe there is much more beneath the surface to be found. The surfaces slightly decayed but still alive and subjects detached from their surroundings staring longingly, we find a sort of nostalgia. Nostalgia for an America in the not so distant past. It is in the single beam of light in the projection of a drive-in theater, and the pile of laundry and the solitary beach ball at a motel and we also find it in a pair of red Pontiacs in Mississippi. We find ourselves looking at the remnants from the past in the midst of the present and wondering what…

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Alex Leme Artist Statement
With the gradual but steady rise of agricultural businesses, the loss of small family-owned and run farms, and the century-long exodus of rural populations to urban centers – farming communities have been suffering a slow and painful decline for decades. Loss of jobs, economically shattered families, failed businesses, depopulation, and a general malaise of perceived worthlessness are common features of conversations that run through many small towns in America. Although these towns are often located just outside major metropolises, the realities of their social and…

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Thomas Holton Artist Statement
In 1973, Gladys accepted a job as a math teacher at the Gelinas Junior High School on Long Island. Growing up in America as part of the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation, Gladys strongly believed in the moral values of the United States and was forever optimistic about her future; a belief held by the majority of Americans in the 1950’s. Her consistent belief in hard work being ultimately rewarded with the financial security of a state pension and Social Security was the foundation of her 35 years of…

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