Kay Hickman

Documentary Photographer Kay Hickman is based in New York. She takes pride in
contributing work that will expand the narrative of the African Diaspora while challenging monolithic representation.Hickman’s work has been featured in publications like TIME, The New York Times,OkayPlayer, Coeval, Jazz Halo, Nueva Luz, and photographic journal, MFON: Women Photographers of the African Diaspora. She also works as Resident Photographer at Black Gotham Experience, which is an immersive visual storytelling project.

Exhibited Works

Artist Statement
In this series the artists Kay Hickman and William “GoodWill” Ellis recast history by reimagining the often arduous but awe inspiring journeys and lives of the survivors of the North American slave trade. They focus on the period of time right after the abolishment of slavery up until the Great Migration where countless black men, women and children fled from the south to create better lives. With intention to empower and inspire the artists depict their ancestors not as downtrodden or meek victims put as determined heroes. They highlight the character of a people who had the strength and fortitude to endure that dehumanizing experience of servitude and abuse and persevere onward.

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