Julia Cowing 2 Generations, 1 American

Julia Cowing 2 Generations, 1 American

© Julia Cowing American Born, 2000.

Julia Cowing: 2 Generations, 1 American

November 13 – January 12, 2007 
Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 14, 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Artist Talk: Tuesday, November 14, 5:30pm to 6:30pm

Vantage Point Gallery: a partnership between the International Center for Photography and The Point CDC
940 Garrison Avenue at Manida
Bronx New York 10474

“2 Generations, 1 American” is an expression of the tension and chasm in a mother-daughter relationship, compounded with the problems of an immigrant relating to a native. Portraits of a Chinese mother and her American daughter reflect my relationship with my mother as I denounce, embrace, and resist her as the source of my ethnic stigma.

I was once ashamed of my mother and her Chinese ways. They made me conscious of my own foreign-ness to others. For years, I was convinced I was ugly simply because I wasn’t white. I grew up believing this because the message all around me – in media, ads, Hollywood, on TV and radio – kept reinforcing it.

Cultural, linguistic, and semantic differences between my mother and me interfered with our communication. We could understand each other’s words, but not our meaning. If a girl’s role model was first and foremost her mother, I was at a horrible position of distancing myself from my mother and being prejudiced against myself.

This series is for those who often struggle to balance themselves between two different cultures. The series hopes to explain a way of life that is filled with mixed messages and double meaning.” — Julia Cowing