Ignacio Soltero

Ignacio Soltero is a Brooklyn born and raised, photographer, and now lives in the Bronx.  His photographs have been exhibited at Clemente Soto Velez Center, Loisaida NY, SPACEWOMb Gallery, Long Island City, NY, Andrew Freeman Home and Longwood Art Gallery @ Hostos, in The Bronx. Ignacio was also part of the Bronx Documentary Project, a book that documents over 100 visual artists paired photographers. He received a 2014 BRIO (Bronx Council on the Arts) Award and previously.  Mr. Soltero had documented outdoor BMX bike events, sports, and music events in public spaces. Mr. Soltero graduated from NYC College of Technology. 

Exhibited Works

Artist Statement
My new body of work is an exploration of our world from above, a survey of abstract shapes that can be seen in our landscape. As a self-proclaimed geek, I have always enjoyed learning about new technology and finding ways to incorporate it into my work. For this series of photos, I have taken my new hobby of flying drones and combined it with my love of photography. I began learning how to fly with a drone meetup group last year and immediately started seeing the world we live in from a different perspective. I saw patterns, shapes, and symmetry in our landscape that I was previously unaware of and became obsessed with capturing them. The body of work is calming and serene, there may be people in the images but due to the confines of the enclosed shapes that are formed around them, they become isolated from the rest of the world. I shot these images around the same time at each location to ensure that I have the same lighting and same soft colors. In addition, as per the Federal Aviation Administration regulations, I had to scout out locations that wouldn’t interfere with air traffic. This was actually beneficial in helping me find just the right locations that appeared to be cut off from the rest of the city which was the look I was going for. I wanted to trick the viewer into thinking that they were looking at photos that were taken outside of New York. The photos were actually taken in Queens, Governor’s Island, and Nyack, New York.

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