Osamu James Nakagawa: The Banta Cliffs

During Nakagawa’s brief but informative explanation of his Banta series, he describes his trip to Okinawa, alone, in 2001. Nakagawa ventured to the Peace Museum and War Memorial, located on the southern tip of Okinawa: a desolate and seemingly evacuated area of the island. There, he watched a colorchome 8mm film of people running and jumping off the banta - the steep cliffs.

Excluded Histories: A Visual Exploration of Identity over the last 40 Years

"Each and every one of these photographers have not only created visually stimulating pieces of artwork, but they have challenged us to alter our preconceived notions of belonging and speculative spaces, inspired us to embrace our multi-faceted and layered identities and to explore in-depth the discourses surrounding the misrepresentation of our histories. These prints are all extremely valued not only for the impressive and creative elements but for the resonance of power and state of reflection they so generously provide." --Dani Cattan