Changing the Art World, One Image and Viewer at a Time: En Foco Inc’s Thirty-Fifth Anniversary

"One of the ways En Foco has changed the art world, is by insisting that the act of looking at photographs made by artist of a particular culture should not exclude any viewer-ship. This along with the unfailing energy of the staff and their pure love of photographic expression have been a constant source of inspiration for me and made me eager to contribute this story. As an independent curator I have seen En Foco change the direction of artists careers in ways both large and small but I have also been personally swept up by the staff’s enthusiastic advocacy for new and interesting work. En Foco is constantly reminding me why I do what I do, and why I love it."

Queitly Questioning Paradise: Hiroshi Watanabe’s Views of North Korea

Hiroshi Watanabe (Nueva Luz Vol.10#3, 2005) may be best known for his meticulously crafted and haunting black and white images, but his first solo show at the Kopeikin Gallery opened June 6th like a fresh summer breeze, awakening the senses to the photographer’s vibrant color images taken in North Korea.