Excerpt of “But Where is Our Soul?” by Phil Dante, New York Times 1974
Where is our soul? Where is the celebration of our love of life? The fire of our passion? The force of our artistry? Do we not laugh? Do we not sing? Are we not proud? Where the grace, strength, and beauty of a people whose spirit has triumphed against the hopelessness of a bleak tomorrow? 

The question here is not whether a photographer entering a life alien to his own can possess the ability and power to translate the complexities of a human drama with understanding and compassion. The question we are once again faced with is one of integrity, of commitment to honesty at that moment when split-second decisions must be made within the confines of a viewfinder-decisions that may affect an event, a people, a place. 

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Excerpt of “Viewpoint: En Foco Launched to document Latin life through visual exchange programs,” by Jacob Deschin
 A group of Puerto Rican photographers in this country and on the island had pooled their imaginations, insights, and reportorial gifts to show through photographs how Puerto Ricans live, what they look like, something of their character, and the environment in which they move and relate to each other. 

Not too long afterward, several Puerto Ricans who had been part of the show organized under the name En Foco (Spanish for In Focus) as a “a collaborative of Latin American photographers” whose goal is to give recognition to Latin American culture in the United States and to its source and and influence in the mother countries. 

En Foco will be involved with working through the Education Department of the Museum of Natural History, but will be involved with other organizations as well as in setting up photographic workshops and putting on photographic shows that promote the Puerto Rican idea. A traveling exhibition of Puerto Rican Photographs, called Latin Impressions, had its debut at a festival in Newburgh, NY. 

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En Foco founder Charles Biasiny-Rivera in conversation with En Foco Director Bill Aguado