Charles Biasiny-Rivera on Nueva Luz

Listen to Charles Biasiny-Rivera, the founder of En Foco, as he recounts the early history of En Foco and the photography magazine, Nueva Luz. Click here to read and download the premiere edition of Nueva Luz, Fall 1985.

En Foco Founding Members circa 1974 (top left – right): Charles Biasiny-Rivera, Roger Caban, George Malave (bottom left – right): Phil Dante, Nestor Cortijo

We started out as a handful of New York Puerto Rican photographers, displaying our work at summer block parties in the South Bronx, neighborhood bodegas, and coffee houses in Greenwich Village.

Those early days were filled with excitement, hardly anyone was acquainted with Latino photographers, but we worked hard to establish our own visual identity. A few years later, we embraced photographers from all the cultures of color in the U.S.

Since then, we have witnessed artists of African, Asian, Latino, Native American and Pacific Islander heritage boldly moving forward, presenting themselves as authentic, valuable creators of American art.

En Foco celebrates the courage, talent and tenacity of the many artists it has helped become more visible, and looks forward to a new millennium of acceptance that will acknowledge the treasures of its communities.

Charles Biasiny-Rivera
En Foco, Inc.

Focusing on the Hidden History By David Gonzalez, The New York Times, Jan. 24, 2012
Nueva Luz on Issuu

4 thoughts on “Charles Biasiny-Rivera on Nueva Luz

  1. Wonderful to hear Charlie talk of the early days establishing en foco. What a tremendous undertaking!

  2. Bravo to the entire crew and team that is reasonable for putting Nueva Luz and En Focóand together throughout the years. To Marium and Marisol a special thanks may this organization and its publication be around for another 35 and providing the much-needed exposure for up-and-coming and established photographers. All the best and the best to all. Pa lante!!!!

  3. And we are still trying to own platforms. Still not enough representation of POC artists. Thank you En Foco!

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