Nueva Luz #1

Do you remember the first issue of Nueva Luz, published in 1985? The issue featured photographers Sophie Rivera, Tony Mendoza. and Kenro Izu. The issue’s art director, Frank Gimpaya simply stated “Nueva Luz is a photographic journal that addresses itself to the search for statements by photographers who have developed a reflective stance vis-a-vis their culture. The Journal will showcase a process in which we witness a dedication to define a unique aesthetic.


The photographers featured herein have committed themselves to the real work involved in making imagery. This is an opportunity for them to express a point of view.

Thanks to the enthusiastic support of Greg Millard ofthe Department of Cultural Affairs of the City of New York, our efforts to make Nueva Luz a reality were made easier. It is to his encouragement, good will and memory that we dedicate this inaugural issue.”

For 34 years, Nueva Luz has been committed to addressing social and cultural issues at the fore of photography, with a particular emphasis on narratives from artists of color.

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