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By donating you can double your investment to En Foco – An anonymous donor will match up to $10,000 of all donations to En Foco, Inc.. Help us meet the challenge!
Since 1974 En Foco has developed an important legacy by supporting Artists of Color, first though exhibitions, then in 1985 the Nueva Luz publication was introduced and for the last three years 10 Fellowships are now being awarded annually.
Together they form an important Fine Art Collection and Archives, chronicling the contributions artists and cultural writers of color have made but lacking in today’s museums and academic institutions—a vital historical resource which needs to be preserved.
This Collection, Archives, and En Foco’s core programs now need your support to reach our $50,000 goal for private contributions in this fiscal year.

Please support En Foco and help us meet the Challenge.
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unnamedThe En Foco Permanent Collection is significant historical assets that contains original issues of Nueva Luz, nearly 700 photographic prints and a slide registry, and historical documents from the mid-1970s to the present. Nueva Luz was first published in 1985 and continues publication to this date, totaling 22 volumes with 65 distinct issues.
Past Nueva Luz artists include
Sophie Rivera | Dawoud Bey | Pedro Meyer | Coreen Simpson
Past Nueva Luz essayists include
Lucy Lippard | David Vestal | Deborah Willis | Elizabeth Ferrer | Kellie Jones
Digitizing and archiving the complete Permanent Collection is an ambitious overtaking that requires institutional resources and infrastructure.

En Foco also announces the launch of it’s publication Nueva Luz’s newest issue, Vol 22.2: The Queer Issue, chronicling the photography of queer artists of color. The Queer Issue was organized and curated by En Foco’s Artistic Director, Oscar J Rivera, and features the works of Mickalene Thomas, Derick Whitson, Ka-Man Tse, María José, and Gabriel Martinez. The Queer Issue will be available December 6, 2018.

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Image by: ©Derick Whitson, Untitled, Sugar (Chapter 2) series, 2018.

Thank You for all your Support in Helping En Foco Thrive!
Frank Gimpaya,        Bill Aguado,          Kimberly Rose,                      Oscar J Rivera,
  Chairperson               Director                 Director of Operations        Artistic Director

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