En Foco Releases Newly Designed Nueva Luz vol. 20:1 Spotlighting the Bronx Women’s Photo Collective

NL 20-1_CoverImageBronx, NY | July 2016 – Nueva Luz vol. 20:1, the revitalized and redesigned photographic journal from En Foco is now available in print and online. As with past issues of Nueva Luz, the magazine has illustrated the provocative, the avant-garde and the perspicacious photographic prognostications and philosophies from photographers of color who probe the heart of humanity through their lens.   This newly released and rebranded special issue is no different than an exploratory probe into the human psyche of inner-space.

En Foco and by extension Nueva Luz, has always sought to include and expand the parameters of visual presentation and has challenged concepts of identity for and about photographers of color.

Curated by Juanita Lanzo and designed by Nestor Otero, this edition of Nueva Luz features three dynamic Bronx Puerto Rican women photographers, Rhynna M. Santos, Sandra Ayala and Lizzy Alejandro, who form the Bronx Women’s Photo Collective, which present diverse and divergent photographic visions while challenging illusions, characterizations and misconceptions of Latina women.

First, Rhynna M. Santos captures powerful portraits of Latina women following their Islamic faith. Born in Puerto Rico, Santos shows hope and pain together with a sense that there’s an undercurrent of deeper emotion. The images go beyond words conveying a timeless resolution, feeling that God is on the side of right even though as Latina Muslim women they may face persecution, marginalization and Islamaphobia.

Second, in Sandra Ayala’s stylized photo series, she presents a young man and women facing a Christian crisis. Born in the South Bronx, Ayala’s work is full of Catholic iconography conveying the power of prayer, lighting candles and getting on one’s knees in genuflection. Her photos convey the power of religion but also the mundane expectation of miracles in every day Latino life, or the overpowering battering ram of self-righteousness from Christian leaders.

The third in these provocative photo essays is Bronx native and graduate of Lehman College, Lizzy Alejandro who explores womanhood through a sensual lens. Her images break down barriers and confront the strain of misogyny in Latino culture that still, in the 21st Century, commands what a woman should and shouldn’t do.

For more information on En Foco, please visit enfoco.org.  To subscribe to Nueva Luz online, please click here or for the printed version, please click here.  Please contact: info@enfoco.org for questions and concerns.

The Bronx Women’s Photo Collective is an organization by and for Bronx photographers with two areas of focus: activism and creativity.  We engage in activism through representing and documenting the lives, experiences and perspectives of people from and in the Bronx, centering the often disregarded voices and insights from women of color in artistic and political circles, calibrating artistic and creative spaces by and for people of color; networking with and mentoring female Bronx artists. 

 We are also dedicated to creativity by supporting each other in producing unique individual and collective works, artistically representing the Bronx, its’ people and spirit and creating a local and international platform for the creative work by female Bronx artists. Learn more at www.thebronxwomensphotocollective.com

 En Foco, Inc. supports contemporary fine art and documentary photographers of color and diverse cultures, using photography as a platform to speak on behalf of issues related to cultural equity and access. En Foco provides its photographers, curators, critics & cultural activists with forum to advocate on behalf of an inclusive cultural policy that historically has been lacking in substance. En Foco supports its constituent artists with direct and indirect funding opportunities, professional development services, curated exhibitions, publications and networking events with industry and cultural leaders. Learn more at http://www.enfoco.org and follow us on facebook.com/enfoco & twitter.com/enfoco.

Nueva Luz is made possible with a grant to En Foco from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, New York State Council on the Arts, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center, and En Foco members.

Contact: Layza Garcia & Bill Aguado
Email address: info@enfoco.org
High-resolution images available upon request

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