The 2013 Art & Cocktails Benefit Highlights

We are still aglow from the success of En Foco’s Art & Cocktails Benefit and Silent Auction on November 12, 2013. The chilly evening warmed up at Dejavu Boutique in Midtown Manhattan, with an incredible turn out raising over $9,500 dollars in support of En Foco’s programs!

We wouldn’t have been able to do so without all of you, so here’s a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who came out, had fun, and supported us for this wonderful event – and a special thanks to photographer Ray Llanos for the great photos we are sharing with you now.

Here are some fun highlights from the night

RAL_2462 copy
Miriam Romais introducing En Foco’s Founder, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, to En Foco’s Chairwoman, Susan Karabin

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RAL_2206 copy
Anne Eddy and Executive Director Miriam Romais laugh over a friendly bidding war

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RAL_2078 copy
Introductions and new friendships being made
RAL_2103 copy
Miriam Romais and En Foco’s Program Director Dani Cattan

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RAL_2171 copy
Yijun Pixy Liao (right) and her partner, Moro
RAL_2370 copy
Muema and Lorie Caval

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RAL_2254 copy
En Foco’s Program Associate, Dee Campos and Permanent Collection artist, Groana Melendez
RAL_2487 copy
Permanent Collection artist, Gerald Cyrus with Ray Llanos (selfie!)

RAL_2410 copy

RAL_2277 copy
Olga Omelchenko (Nueva Luz Design & Production) with Lou Gomez

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RAL_2395 copy
Jaime Permuth and Alejandra Regalado (Go see her En Foco exhibition! It’s at Pregones Theatre through February 7, 2014)
RAL_2191 copy
Anthony Meyers from BCA with Lola Flash, discussing her print, DJ Kinky

RAL_2407 copy

RAL_2420 copy
Lou Mercurio, Bruce Miller and Frank Gimpaya
RAL_2267 copy
Anthony Meyers with Center for Book Arts Director and Curator Alex Campos
RAL_2350 copy
Board Member Bill Aguado (left) and Kathi Pavelick, with En Foco Permanent Collection artist, Wendel A. White

RAL_2433 copy

RAL_2454 copy
Sid Baumgarten and Terry Paladini-Baumgarten
RAL_2412 copy
Susan Karabin (right) with son, Andrew Emerson and friend

RAL_2219 copy

RAL_2281 copy
Miriam Romais, Nancy Dubetz and Marcelo Maciel
RAL_2445 copy
Permanent Collection Artist Ana de Orbegoso (left) with fashion designer Elisa Jimenez
RAL_2151 copy
Gerald Cyrus, Delilah Montoya, and Frank Gimpaya
RAL_2401 copy
Our Permanent Collection book, En Foco/In Focus: Selected works from the Permanent Collection.     On sale at
RAL_2147 copy
Gerald Cyrus signing Delilah Montoya’s copy of the Permanent Collection book

En Foco’s staff, artists, board and founder/founding members:

RAL_2437 copy
L-R: En Foco Permanent Collection artist and Founding Member, George Malave, En Foco Founder, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, and Board member and Nueva Luz creator, Frank Gimpaya
RAL_2458 copy
Miriam Romais and Charles Biasiny-Rivera
RAL_2472 copy
Some En Foco Ladies! L-R: Program Director, Dani Cattan; Nueva Luz Designer, Olga Omelchenko; Executive Director, Miriam Romais; Volunteer, Lisette Poole; Program Associate, Dee Campos; Board Treasurer, Miraida Morales
RAL_2479 copy
Dee Campos, Miriam Romais, and Dani Cattan
RAL_2360 copy
Bottom Left going clockwise: Miriam Romais, Ana de Orbegoso, George Malave, Charles Biasiny-Rivera, Gerald Cyrus, Elizabeth Ferrer, Wendel White, Frank Gimpaya, Amelia Biasiny-Rivera, Bill Aguado, Dani Cattan, Delilah Montoya, and Groana Melendez

The donations and support we received are a testament to our strong and steadily growing community at En Foco. With every dollar received, we are able to continue to promote cultural diversity in the field of photography, cover the cost of exhibitions, publish Nueva Luz, provide our artists with monetary compensation for their work, and provide free workshops for our community. So again, THANK YOU for your dedication and investment in En Foco!

The Art and Cocktails Benefit was truly a success and it wouldn’t have been possible without you, our dedicated community members. 2014 marks our 40th Anniversary as an organization, and we cannot wait to celebrate it with all of you!

All Photos Courtesy of © Ray Llanos

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