Artist Interview Series: Noelle Théard

In this episode of En Foco’s Artist Interview Series, Noelle Théard speaks about her World Wide Underground series, as well as her Haiti series, which was published in Nueva Luz 16:3 (2012).

My most recent project is one on international hip hop, so it’s called World Wide Underground and it basically follows underground hip hop culture in a number of different countries, most notably Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador and  I was also able to go to South Africa to continue the project.

So this idea that this very powerful subculture that was born in the Bronx and other boroughs of New York City some 30 years ago has really re-invigorated mass popular culture here but is still a very powerful political force in countries throughout Africa, throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia as well, all over the world.

The interview was conducted by Todd Wemmer during the national SPE conference Facing Diversity: Leveling the Playing Field in the Photographic Arts (co-chaired by En Foco‘s Miriam Romais & Light Work‘s Hannah Freiser).

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