Artist Interview Series: Tomiko Jones

Tomiko Jones speaks about both her Passage series (published in Nueva Luz 15:2), and These Grand Places, in the latest installment of our Artist Interview Series.

 I would explore that landscape and look for the things in it that talk about the memory of it. Maybe its as if I’m looking for history and geography to overlay an experience that I can interpret personally. So its as if I was looking for my protaganist in a broken boat on the shore.

The interview, conducted by Todd Wemmer, took place at the national SPE conference, Facing Diversity: Leveling the Playing Field in the Photographic Arts (co-chaired by En Foco & Light Work).

We’re happy to share that Tomiko Jones has joined our Print Collectors Program. She is an upcoming star in the world of photography and we are honored to have her be a part of this program. Please check out this unique opportunity to own her limited edition print, Chute, Cassis, France, 2009/2012 , made exclusivley for En Foco.

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