Artist Interview Series: Jaime Permuth

“Yonkeros is a lyrical exploration of first world consumerism, waste, and obsolescence as it intersects with third world ingenuity and survivalist strategies in the no–man’s–land.”

Jaime Permuth speaks eloquently about his series Yonkeros in the latest installment of our Artist Interview Series.  The interview took place at  Pregones Theater in the Bronx, where his work is on view as part of En Foco’s Touring Gallery program through April 28, 2012.   Join us Saturday, March 24th at 2 pm for a conversation with Jaime and the opportunity to ask him questions about his work.

This powerful body of work was published in Nueva Luz photographic journal (volume 15#3), and also earned Jaime En Foco’s scholarship to attend FotoFest 2012.

What Permuth gives us in these images is a chance to appreciate human strength. It’s not just about the physical strength of these workers, though that’s certainly in evidence, but ultimately about the strength to confront one’s situation and work hard, commit oneself, meterse a dos patas (jump in with both feet)… The images end up being a tribute—and a beautiful one—to the physical and moral strength, the resilience and the creativity of the workers.”
— Excerpt from commentary by Steve Cagan, Nueva Luz 15#3

CLICK HERE to purchase Nueva Luz featuring Jaime’s work.

For more about the artist:

For an interview with Jaime on Bronxnet’s OPEN:

Exhibition Information:

February 28–April 5, 2012

Artist Talk:
Saturday, March 24 from 2:00 to 3:00pm

Pregones Theater
571 – 575 Walton Avenue
(between 149 & 150th Streets, one block west of the Grand Concourse)
Bronx, NY 10451 tel: 718-585-1202

Monday-Friday, 9:30am to 5:30pm with extended hours during show nights.
Check for those extended hours.

2 thoughts on “Artist Interview Series: Jaime Permuth

  1. Querido Jaime: seguí tu entrevista con mucha atención y las fotografías son extraordinarias. Lo de Yonk metamorfosis de junk y la suavidad del termino español me parece la introducción de un elemento de dulzura en un mundo durisimo. Me impacto la fotografía de la espalda tatuada con esos enormes crucifijos de plata, me imagino ya que no lo puedes asegurar, con las cadenas largas. Símbolos entre símbolos culturales y tu meta imposición del lenguaje visual es francamente notable, aunque no estoy seguro de que esta sea la palabra correcta.

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