Hypervisibility and Invisibility: an Interview with Frank Guridy

En Foco is pleased to present this podcast with Dr. Frank A. Guridy, historian, author and Associate Professor at the University of Texas/Austin.

Dr. Frank Guridy, at the Black in Latin America conference at the DuBois Institute at Harvard.

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The interview took place during the Black in Latin America Conference at the W. E. DuBois Institute in January of 2011, where Guridy was a presenter at the roundtable discussion titled, Race in Latin America – a critically important discussion, considering over 11 million Africans were taken to South America and the Caribbean during the slave trade years of 1502-1867 (vs. 450 thousand to the U.S.).

Black in Latin America was Harvard’s first major multinational conference on the African Diaspora in Latin America. Inspired by Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s documentary, “Black in Latin America,” (aired on PBS, April 19, 2011)—the conference gathered scholars from Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Perú, Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. to discuss a variety of issues related to race relations of Afro-descendants in the Caribbean and in Latin America.

Here, Dr. Guridy shares his thoughts about growing up in NYC, living in the Bronx, Ugly Betty, the West Side Story, Yankee Stadium, and how it all relates to the hypervisibility and invisibility of Latinos in the U.S.

Dr. Guridy is the co-editor of Beyond El Barrio, and author of Forging Diaspora:

One thought on “Hypervisibility and Invisibility: an Interview with Frank Guridy

  1. Miriam,

    An awesome conversation. Thank you so much for sharing that. I related to it in a variety of ways and was grateful to hear a conversation that rarely finds its ways to my ears. Gracias.

    BTW, I mention EnFoco in my resources page for my new book. I hope things are going well.

    Un abrazo fuerte,


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