Artist Interview Series: Pato Hebert

We’re really excited to bring you an interview with Pato Hebert, the second podcast in our artist interview series. Pato’s Trying to Catch Your Breath series won our People, Places, Things competition (in the “Things” category) and appeared on the cover of Nueva Luz, volume 14:2. The cloud like ethereal photographs of breath against the night sky were inspired by the Buddhist practice of focusing one’s attention on breathing.

In Nueva Luz 14:2, Elizabeth Shank, the director of Bruce Silverstein Gallery, wrote an essay exploring these images of breath in relation to historic cloud photographs. “Rather than focus on form like Weston, or printing process like Cunningham, Hebert is looking deeply into human spirituality with this group of photographs.”

This is a great interview, and at least one person at En Foco was teary-eyed after watching this for the first time. We hope you enjoy it.

To get a copy of Nueva Luz to see all of Pato’s images, and read Elizabeth’s full essay, visit the backissues section of our website.

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