Interview with Darius Himes

Melanie McWhorter just posted a great interview on her blog, with Darius Himes, co-founder of Radius Books.  If you’ve been following what we’ve been up to, you’ll know that Darius guest edited the most recent issue of Nueva Luz.

Our favorite question?

MM: You curated the new issue of Nueva Luz magazine. How did you choose the photographers and the theme of this issue?

DH: This project was actually very dear to me. I was given the chance to curate a group of photographers for Nueva Luz, a magazine that has historically championed underrepresented and minority artists. I proposed writing an essay that addressed the concept of “race” as an identifying concept… [go to Melanie’s photo blog for the rest… and don’t forget to buy the issue!]

Thank you Melanie & Darius, for continuing a most engaging conversation. And lets hear it for the ‘world majority’ artists out there!

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