The Little Gift that CAN (go a long way)

En Foco has had an amazing year. Nueva Luz was a finalist for Photography Magazine of the Year for the second year in a row; we had several fantastic artist talks; increased direct benefits to artists; and personally distributed 6,000 magazines at PDN’s Photo Expo just last month – just to name a few of our most recent activities.

Part of this success is the belief that with your help, we can make incredible things happen. And each year we try something that will reap more rewards for artists and community alike.

Anyone watching the news knows that budget cuts abound, and the headlines might as well send the message to go running for the hills. In fact, Crain’s November 14th article, “Financial Crisis will Kill Nonprofits” estimates 100,000 non-profits will be forced to close.

So I ask you: What kind of message would cutting programs send to those so often excluded from opportunities and access to begin with? Yet this is what so many organizations are being encouraged to do. If anything, we need to bridge the gap by increasing our offerings. How can an artist get ahead in this environment? We NEED to make a difference.


With 2009 marking En Foco’s 35th Anniversary, we are planning a series of celebratory exhibits, artist talks and workshops – it is also the year we will move into our own office space, and could use your help.

  • Make a donation online. Not only will you be helping support programs for photographers of diverse cultures, your gift will be 100% tax-deductible.
  • Small gifts also reap great rewards: consider a recurring monthly donation of $10 or more through Network for Good, or by calling our office at 718-931-9311. That way you can feel good about giving all year long, without breaking your wallet.

On behalf of our artists, board, staff, advisors, volunteers and communities – thank you!

Artist jumps for joy for receiving a $1,000 honoraria from En Foco. Photo by Kelly Doule.

In solidarity,

Miriam Romais, Executive Director
En Foco, Inc
. 1738 Hone Avenue, Bronx, NY 10461

by phone: 718-931-9311
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PS – This photo says it all: Artist Kesha Bruce jumps for joy at receiving a $1,000 honoraria from En Foco.
Photo by Kelly Doule.

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